Lake Thompson

Lake Thompson is one of our favorite places at camp – Almost half a MILE of shore frontage with a huge sandy beach welcome you as you approach our Camp Fernwood waterfront area. Because of its pristine water quality, Lake Thompson is rated as one of the best 10 bodies of water in all of Maine.   (learn more)


Waterskiing, Wakeboarding, Kneeboarding,  and now even skurfing oh my!

Camp Fernwood’s #1 favorite activity!

Why do 98% of our campers ski?   Because they can!  In fact most campers ski between 15 and 21 times during the summer.  Some of our camps ski as many as 60 times during the summer.  Now that’s fun!

The combination of a great lake with 5 inboard ski boats, a solid and safe program for all levels (beginner to advanced) and nearly 20 experienced instructors creates an environment where even novice skiers/boarders learn to feel confident quickly, and are given plenty of opportunities to practice and advance.

Campers new to the sport will find immediate success and self-confidence through the use of a “boom” – a stationary bar attached to the side of a ski boat, eliminating the wiggly rope in a beginner’s first lessons, and allowing her to learn fundamentals quickly with a coach only feet away.  More experienced skiers will find our lake ideal – having to turn very infrequently because of its large size.

Standup Paddle Boarding (SUP)

When we heard that Stand Up Paddle Boarding was the world’s fastest growing watersport, we knew it would be a great addition to our waterfront program.   In addition to being a great full body, no stress workout, Standup Paddle boarding is a relaxing way to explore the lake, allowing the paddler to quietly explore the nature and wildlife of Lake T.


Canoeing has historically been a popular sport at Fernwood.   From a separate dock and paddle pad area, every camper learns the basics of canoeing.

Canoeing can be enjoyed for a lifetime, an elementary knowledge of canoeing and how to use a paddle is as useful as swimming.   Older campers are eager to use their canoeing skills to participate in 3-day whitewater canoeing trips on local rivers.


Fernwood is the perfect place to learn how to sail.  There’s hardly a place on earth where you can gather some friends, grab a boat set out on an adventure! Our program is a healthy mix of instructional sailing – learning about the finer points of knots, rigging, and wind, paired with the fun of casual sailing with instructors and friends.

Most campers arrive at camp with no sailing experience.  When you think about it, most children haven’t had much of an opportunity to pilot anything except a bicycle.  There is both wonder and confidence to be gained by learning to sail.  As exhilarating as sailing is on a windy day, the magic often begins when you have to sail back tacking into the wind.

Our sailors enjoy a fleet of Bic O’pen Skifs. 

There is nothing like the adventure of sailing across Lake Thompson!  We are very fortunate that our large beautiful lake has consistent wind.  We encourage our girls to spend as much time as they can on the water!  It is THE place to be on a hot summer day!