Traditions are paramount at Camp Fernwood.  Our founding colors of Green and White create two natural teams for a friendly and sporting competition that lasts the full summer.   With great spirit, and a little bit of face paint, girls participate in weekly team games, and can earn individual points for their team by reading, jogging, or swimming during a free period.

Fernwood is a Non-Denominational camp and offers no religious ceremonies.   A gathering called Sunday Services offers an opportunity each week for an assigned group of campers to practice speaking publicly in front of the camp on an assigned topic.  Girls are encouraged to tell of an experience, write a poem, or share their thoughts.   Topics have included – leadership, friendship, perseverance, loss, taking a chance, and more.

Music and singing can be heard from every corner of camp with some favorite songs dating back to the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s.   Six new songs (3 for each team) are written each year to continue the tradition.

“Big sisters” help our newest campers quickly acclimate to camp life – answering questions prior to camp, helping them unpack and become comfortable on opening day, and dropping in at bedtime to give a hug and kiss for the first week or two.  The bonds of big/little sister are strong and meaningful, and many times become lasting close friendships that carry into adulthood.