Meals & Dining

As has always been the tradition at Fernwood, we believe in the importance of a sit-down, family-style dining.  All staff and campers eat in our dining room at small intimate tables consisting of 2 staff members and 4 campers.  Tables are of mixed ages, are assigned, and change every few days to encourage new friendships and relationships between girls of all different ages.

Breakfast consists of a salad bar filled with a variety of fresh fruits, yogurt, dried fruit and granola, as well as a large selection of hot and cold cereals.  For protein lovers, scrambled eggs are always an option and a main breakfast entrée is served at each table.

Because of our level of daily activity, Lunch is our more significant meal of the day.  Lunches typically include a meat entrée, vegetarian entrée, a vegetable and a starch, and are supplemented by a soup bar and a 20+ item salad bar with additional protein options.   Kids cannot survive on finger food –  hot dogs, hamburgers,  and chicken nuggets for an entire summer season, and for that reason we have a large rotation of time tested favorite dishes that more resemble the kind and variety of meals they receive at home.

Supper is our evening meal and is usually served outside (weather permitting).  Girls sit in large circles with all of the campers and staff from their age group.  Dinners are a lighter fare and might include:  tacos, pasta bar, fajitas, Caesar salad and baked potato, etc.   Each Sunday evening, there is a beach barbecue followed by campfire singing in the woods.