Maine: Why it’s so Special

Known as “Vacationland”, Maine has one of the most comfortable summer climates in the United States.  Just as New York is known as the “business” capital of the US, and Texas is the perfect place for ranches and cattle, Maine’s geography and location makes it a unique and perfect destination for summer campers and travelers.

With comfortably cool summer nights and warm days, Maine weather lends itself to outdoor pursuits and active adventures.  Maine’s vast open spaces and preserved wilderness give visitors a feeling that it remains untouched, making it different from anywhere else in America.

We take full advantage of this topography and flavor with many trips – backpacking, hiking, white-water canoeing, and rock climbing, just to name a few.   The variety of natural experiences can’t be matched, creating the backdrop for the vivid and formative experiences in the memories of campers for the past 100 years.

Maine is a big state, but you don’t have to go far – exploring Maine is as simple as stepping outside your back door where you might encounter a moose plodding by or  a patch of wild fresh blueberries.  We hope you’ll come and discover Maine for yourself!