Mailings, Forms & Packing

All of our required camper forms are now available to you online and on your daughter’s own personal online account page. 

You can fill out, return, and track all of your forms easily, keep in touch with your daughter during the summer via one-way email, and even update your own personal contact information to change phone numbers or email addresses – all from one system called CampInTouch.  We’re excited to share it with you!

Go to my daughter’s CampInTouch account:


get started with forms, info updates, email registration and more!

Parents of enrolled campers will receive our Parent Resource Book in January.  This all-inclusive book provides the answers to most questions, and provides clear instructions on how to navigate through the system, access forms, and set up email accounts.

What should we pack? A copy of our Packing List can be found on your Forms Dashboard in CampInTouch, or in our Parent Handbook.  The items and quantities listed are exactly what your child will need to pack for camp.  In keeping with our goal of “living simply”, we ask that you do not add additional quantities or items as our storage space in bunks is limited.