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We are a Family
Each camper and staff contributes to the atmosphere and cooperative spirit.


Our girls range in age from 8-15 and come from all over the country and from other parts of the world. Fernwood consists of 230 campers and 160 staff members. Our unique gathering of girls and caring, professional staff creates a diverse and supportive community ready for new challenges.



Camp Fernwood is located in Poland, Maine approximately 45 minutes northwest of Portland and 2 and half-hours from Boston. We are located on  beautiful Lake Thompson.

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Bus transportation is provided for campers traveling from the Mid-Atlantic and New England states. Campers traveling longer distances traditionally fly into Boston Logan Airport where they are met by Fernwood chaperones and driven to camp.

One hundred acres of meadows and woodlands on the white sandy shore of nine-mile Lake Thompson provide the perfect camp setting.

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Medical Care
At our centrally located infirmary, our medical staff consists of two pediatric physicians, a nurse practitioner, and four live-in Registered Nurses. Our local pediatric practice is happy to assist, and full hospital facilities are available at the top notch Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital in Portland.

Meals at Fernwood are served family style.  Our entire community eats together in the dining room.  Campers and counselors sit together at assigned tables of 6, with 2 counselors and 4 campers.   Meals are well balanced, nutritious, and include vegetarian options.  The main meal is served at each table, and additional items and options are always available to satisfy even the most particular eaters. Weather permitting, our evening meal is served buffet style and is eaten outside picnic-style.  Low fat snacks such as vegetables or fruits are available throughout the day.

Breakfast includes:
•    a self-serve breakfast bar each day with a selection of fresh cut fruits and berries, scrambled eggs, granola, cold cereals, hot cereal and toast
•    a hot entrée; pancakes, muffins, egg sandwich, etc…
•    juice, sports drinks, milk, soy milk, lactaid milk and water

Lunch and Dinner meals include:
•    salad bar complete with vegetable and protein options
•    soup bar (lunch only)
•    hot meat-based and vegetarian entrees with vegetable side dishes
•    peanut butter & jelly
•    juice, sports drinks, milk, soy milk, almond milk, lactaid milk and water

Camp Fernwood is non-sectarian. Our campers and staff represent many different faiths. An ethical, non-denominational service is conducted each week by different groups of campers, exploring important themes and life lessons, such as friendship, leadership, and courage.  Sunday services provide a wonderful opportunity for our older girls to express themselves and learn how to comfortably speak publicly in front of a group.

Uniform includes white tops and hunter green bottoms for campers and white tops and navy blue bottoms for staff. Each camper is provided with a chest of drawers, all bed linens, blankets and towels. Laundry is done at camp on a weekly basis, at no extra charge.  Our official camp outfitter is Amerasport.  Orders can be placed on the online at

Help your daughter keep track of her things!  For terrific “stikin” clothing and gear labels that don’t come off, visit or (note: no iron in labels please).

Parents may call the directors at any time with questions or needs. Campers are required to write home twice a week and are permitted an outgoing call weekly. A personal e-mail address is provided for each camper to receive incoming emails from parents.

All camp forms will be available on the CampInTouch system this year.  Login to your child’s personal account click here to access, fill out, and submit forms.