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Camp life at Fernwood is about growth and exploration. No two days are the same. We are a traditional girls’ camp where campers wear a simple green and white uniform, and we sing all the time! Our activity program is a structured pairing of a small core of required activities, combined with a balance of “elective” activities.

In the spring of each year, with the input of parents, and guidance of camp directors, campers select a wide variety of activities to take part in during the summer. Modifications to these initial choices can be made during the summer.

Different than assigning each camper a set schedule of activities geared for children of a certain age, this custom tailoring of each child’s activity choices results in a schedule that is unique to her, reflecting her own individual interests and goals, and ensuring that she is eager and happy in all of her activities.

Camp Fernwood Video

We are a friendly and open community.  With 230 campers and 160 staff members, we are small enough that everyone knows everyone else’s name.  When a camper has a problem, our caring and professional staff members are available to help her through her difficulty, what ever it might be.

There is only so much a video or webpage can tell you about our special community. We invite you to visit and see for yourself the true magic of Fernwood!