Bunk Life

Campers in our younger half (grades 2-6) are grouped by school grade and live in small bunks of 10-12  girls.  Three or four live-in female counselors complete each bunk family.   Our bunks were designed to have plenty of storage space, and also large center common areas for group activities and games. Fully screened, bunks are airy and bright, but retractable shutters keep girls dry and warm on rainy days.  Bunks are complete with toilets, sinks and a bureau for each camper.

Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors (campers in grades 7-9 ) are considered the older half of camp.   As the leaders of our community, these 3 age groups enjoy different living situations also with live-in counselors to guide them.   Conducive to the strengthening of the group, sophomores and Juniors each live in their own “house” or large living space – learning to work together, support each other, and plan effectively as a large group.

In their very special final summer at Fernwood, Senior campers are treated to the sound of waves lapping on the shore of Lake Thompson while living in small lakeside bunks.