Arts Program

Tucked in a meandering path by the lake at camp is the Fernwood arts village.  Individual workshops specializing in Fashion Design, Printmaking, Ceramics, Woodworking, Photography and Silver Jewelry are popular creative destinations.   Campers are encouraged to use creativity and imagination in the creation of unique masterpieces.

Fashion Design – Learning first to use a sewing machine to craft their own “project bag”, girls move on to create embellished headbands, shirts, shorts, hoodies,  robes, and rompers.

Printmaking – Based on the “linocut” printmaking technique, girls cut unique designs into a linoleum surface creating a raised image that is     then inked and pressed onto paper or fabric.  Creations include cards, personal stationery, tote bags, clothing items and more.

Glass Fusion – The art of melting small pieces or frits of glass together to create a single piece of glass art.  Campers will make jewelry items, small mosaics, and other unique pieces of art.  The sky is the limit if you have a creative mind.

Ceramics – Both hand-building and pottery wheel techniques are used in this hands-on fun studio.  With the goal of allowing campers free expression, girls are encouraged to explore different techniques     and use their imaginations to create one of a kind masterpieces.  Staff members guide and assist through the processes of creation, firing, and glazing.

Photography – Using professional 35mm cameras, campers are introduced to the art of still photography.  They learn first the basic concepts of composition and light, complete assignments to help them learn different photographic techniques, and refine photos through digital imaging.  As second level of black and white film developing and dark room printing is also available.

Silver Jewelry (Metalsmithing) – Available to our older campers, this unique studio focuses on the artistry of handcrafting jewelry from silver and copper.  Using hand tools to begin with raw metal, skilled artisans teach campers various methods of shaping, soldering, enameling, and polishing as they create one-of-a-kind rings, bracelets, pendants, key rings, and more.