100th Reunion Update!

We know that many of you have been eagerly anticipating the opening of registration for Fernwood’s 100th Reunion Weekend.  We are excited to celebrate with you and are continuing in our planning of the weekend, however, we have chosen to delay the actual registration until we have a clearer picture of what this summer is going to look like.
Regardless of where you live, in the US or abroad, COVID-19 has disrupted all of our lives, pressing the pause button, until the worst of the storm has passed.  
To be 100% clear, we fully anticipate that Fernwood will be open for business this summer.  We sent a letter to our staff last week declaring that Fernwood is open and will remain open.  That is our earnest intention.  We are keenly aware of the challenges the virus could present to communities such as ours, and we are using this time to proactively plan for a variety of issues we might face at camp.  
The situation is very fluid from State to State and Country to Country.  For this reason, we have chosen to delay the reunion registration for a few more weeks until we have a more accurate idea of any restrictions we may face.  
Please bear with us while we concentrate on getting our campers and staff safely to Fernwood. You can expect an update from us in the next few weeks or sooner as details warrant.
We look forward to greeting you at the Fernwood Gate this August!
Ellyn, Christine and Fritz

        To view the Save the Date document, please click HERE .


In the meantime, contact information is especially important as we continue to prepare.  Please make sure your email and contact info are correct in our online CampInTouch system.

If you are already in our CampInTouch online system and would like to login, click HERE to login.  

If you did not receive the Reunion Email, or have not yet registered for the CampInTouch alumnae system, click HERE to verify and update your personal contact information in our database.  

To retrieve a forgotten password, simply click on Retrieve/Set Password in the lower right of the login box, and one will be emailed to you.


Whether you have been in close contact with us throughout the years or have lost touch and are eager to hear Fernwood news, we would love to get an update from you and make sure we have your current mailing and email addresses on file.

Tell us more by signing into our alumnae database. Once logged in, you can update your personal record in the system and search for old friends.  Alumnae newsletters and invitations are periodically emailed to alumnae, so please keep us updated.

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“Once you’ve passed that Fernwood gate, you’ve made a little date with fate … and your heart is at Fernwood to stay.”